At Vicente Gracia Joyas we are artisan jewelry designers,which is why we create pieces of custom made jewelry to our clients.

Starting from an idea, a wish or an illusion and putting down the budget for the piece as a limit, we create a piece that exactly suits your needs.

We invite you to write to us indicating your preferences and we will contact you to better define which jewelry piece you are looking for.

We will design and create your piece, in our artisans workshop, exclusively for you.

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Who is Vicente Gracia, jewelry designer?

Vicente Gracia was born in 1961 in a Mediterranean city, a melting pot of cultures, with a rich goldsmith tradition, called Valencia. It was in his father’s workshop that he discovered the magic of handicrafts, fascinated by this sublime art and by the colors, brightness, texture and unique symbolism of precious stones.

Through his work, he likes to communicate vitality and joy, factors that encompass the main criteria of his creative enthusiasm, containing most of his encouragement for the design of the history of Valencia and its surrounding coast.

Vicente Gracia, is among the twenty most prestigious jewelers in the world according to Vogue and has been awarded the National Design Award (1986), the International Jewelry Prize of the City of Valencia (1988) and the National Prize for Spanish Crafts (2014).