Cupido y los Querubines

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Gold earrings, rosette of diamonds with a central diamonds of 2 cts and a total of 6’70 cts, fire opals carved in heart and teardrop. Cherubs and Cupid in gold-plated silver and polychrome.


These earrings belong to the series “Light on Light” in which we refer to the iconography of Mysticism. The diamond rosettes represent the Unchanging Light. The fire opal is the Enlightened Soul and around it two Cherubs play heavenly music. In turn, Cupid throw the arrow of Love from a magnificent fire opal carved in the shape of a heart, with the iridescences of fire, which make it a collector’s opal. Both the Cherubs and Cupid are polychrome with the same technique that was used in the Baroque altarpieces, by the great artist Pedro Arrué. It is about an ensemble that where a Sacred Heart that throw its Loving arrow and, precisely where it hits that dart, the flame of Love is lit, which is heavenly music.

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